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Malware Removal Basic

Basic malware removal service includes the security audit of the site. We will do a softcore audit of your site and we will fix the malware. The cons of basic malware removal are that you will not get vulnerability testing, blacklist removal, and a clean malware free backup of your site.

Malware Removal Standard

Standard malware removal service includes the security audit and vulnerability testing, in this package, we will also update the software version and plugins and themes. This package is best for medium scale websites.

Malware Removal Premium

This is a hardcore malware removal and security audit package, in this package we will dive deeper into your website and we will find all the backdoors, vulnerabilities and we will fix it permanently, we will also do blacklist checks and we will remove the blacklist no matter if your website is blacklisted in Google, Norton or McAfee.
We will also tell you how you can stay safe in future from these malware attacks, After cleaning your website we will also provide you with the backup.